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The Great Remobilization: Strategies and Designs for a Smarter Global Future

How the turmoil of recent years gives leaders an unprecedented opportunity to redesign global strategies and systems and to remobilize toward a smarter, more resilient, and equitable future.

The Emerging Economies under the Dome of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Learning the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution enables emerging economies to leapfrog and move to the next level of economic prosperity


Artificial intelligence will radically change our lives--just not in the ways you might think. 

You've been made to believe that AI will take your job. The truth is AI will deeply change the nature of work itself and lead to the creation of jobs that don't exist yet.

Understanding How the Future Unfolds

Your business’s success depends on how you prepare for the future. While business leaders of the past looked in the sideview mirror to predict the road ahead, we must now look at the greater forces affecting the social, business and economic world today—megatrends.

The Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Finance in the 21st Century

Since 2008, the financial sector has been the subject of extensive criticism. Much of this criticism has focused on the morality of the actors involved in the crisis and its extended aftermath. This book analyses the key moral and political philosophical issues of the crisis and relates them to the political economy of finance. It also examines to what extent the financial sector can or should be reformed.

Africa’s Competitiveness in the Global Economy

This book highlights the key issues, opportunities and challenges facing African firms, industries, cities and nations in their quest to compete successfully in the global economy. Exploring a topic which has grown in importance as Africa faces a period of subdued economic development, this edited collection takes a unique multi-disciplinary, multi-industry and multi-country approach.

Put Your Corporate Social Responsibility Act Together!

'Companies still thinking about the environment as a social responsibility rather than a business imperative are living in the dark ages.' -Carter Rogers In assessing the economic, human, and environmental situation of our world today, this report draws worrying conclusions. Poverty remains a major issue, and the gap between the richest and the poorest is widening.

Business Ethics

Events such as Trafigura's illegal dumping of toxic waste in Côte d’Ivoire and BP's environmentally disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have highlighted ethical issues in international business at a time when business leaders, academics and business schools were reflecting on their own responsibilities following the global financial crisis. 

The M3C Model of Cooperative Contextual Change

Alessandro Biscaccianti, Mark Esposito, and Lloyd C. Williams have come together to write a modern new textbook on the theory of contextual change, presenting original ideas tested and ready to implement in their highly informative book, The M3C Model of Cooperative Contextual Change. The authors posit that to increase effectiveness of change, it's necessary to introduce dynamic stability into a system. The whole organization and each individual should have a sense of security, and M3C can become the vehicle for this change. 

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