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Academic Research


My research has appeared on the Academy of Management Perspectives, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Singapore Management Review, Corporate Governance, just to name few. I aim at exploring the nexus between social sciences and economic theory, with a strong emphasis on practitioner's approaches and developments, so that the work can be relevant and modern. A large component of my current research goes around the creation of economic development through clusters and cluster policies. For a full list of my academic journals publications, please click here to download the latest research done and my future pipeline.



​My Impact wants to go in the Economics of Strategy and Sustainability dynamics and complexity in all industries.I  tend to look at the development of sustainable thought and action in all facets of organizational and human performance and to this extent, I have founded the Lab-Center for Competitiveness, in affiliation with the MOC program at the Harvard Business School. On the service side, I currently serve as Research Fellow for the Institute of Competitiveness in India, for the Center of Sustainability & Business at Ashridge Business School and for the New England Complex Systems Institute. In 2013 I got appointed as Research Fellow, at the University of Cambridge Center for Economic and Public Policy.

Research Statement

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Case Studies


Since the inception of the Lab-Center for Competitiveness, and through the series of mini cases produced by McGrawHill and U21Global, I have produced over 25 business case studies for didactical purposes. The case studies have been deposited on ECCH, the largest repository in the world as well as on the SSRN, where an author page has been created. Please click on the above hyperlinks s, to access the abstract of the cases or to download it, when possible.

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The purpose of my research is to advance both the academic community than the practitioner one. With strong emphasis on the applicability of the research, as a boundary spanner towards new frontiers, my research is provocative, exploratory, phenomenological, qualitative and case study based.